Chemical Peels
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Age Spots

25% TCA is commonly used for Age Spots (Also known as Liver Spots)

Cells producing the discoloration (melanin) in age spots lie close to the surface and can often be literally peeled away chemically.  Then the surface cells are naturally replaced by healthy skin cells from below. This is why using acid peels for removing age spots, a treatment that removes the top layer of skin, is very successful.

The process of removing surface age spots is not as difficult as the removal of moles and birth marks because age spots (or liver spots) develop much nearer to the surface of the skin. The melanin pigment that gives moles and many birthmarks their brown color is produced in the deeper layers of skin, just as the ink for a tattoo is introduced into the deep layers where skin cells are not regularly shed and replaced in the natural process of skin healing and regeneration.  Outer layer skin discolorations are more easily removed, oftentimes with just one TCA peel treatment.  Keep in mind that even with this treatment, however, age spots may later appear in different areas due to overexposure to the sun, the main cause of age spots.  Once the age spots are removed chemically, it is highly recommended to use a quality sunblock to prevent future damage from UV rays.  Your skin will remain smooth, clear, and more youthful.

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